pack for a purpose

Pack for a Purpose

Nambiti Game Reserve is partially community owned and this has been part of the success story of the reserve. Local jobs are provided for the community around Nambiti and the local economy is supported by purchasing fresh produce and curio shop items, etc. from local farmers.

The majority of staff at Nambiti Plains are people from the local community, which means that guests can support the community by making a difference in the children’s lives by providing school supplies that are needed. One of the highlights for Nambiti Plains is where we are able to take staff families on an educational safari and start a passion for conservation with the children at a young age, as well as giving children insight into where their parents / sibling works.

Nambiti Plains has decided to join the Pack for a Purpose initiative to positively impact local communities by assisting travellers who want to make a meaningful contribution to the destination they are visiting.

There is need everywhere in the world. People who can travel to destinations often would like to contribute but are faced with the challenge of what to contribute that will be helpful and also how to go about carrying out this contribution. Pack for a Purpose has assisted these travellers by connecting with local community-based projects worldwide to provide them with a platform to be able to list what it is that their specific project requires.

This can aid the traveller in making an informed decision about what to pack that would be aiding and making a difference at their destination community project. A traveller, by using small space and a little effort, can make a big difference in the daily life of someone in a local project.

The way that a traveller can take part in this project is to:

1. Visit and select the destination that you are visiting.

2. Identify an accommodation or tour company and look through the project options that are supported.

3. Pick the supplies you wish to provide from the items listed.

4. Drop off the supplies with the accommodation or tour company when you visit them.

5. The supplies will be delivered to the project.

Pack for a Purpose has been lauded to the initiative shown by many. Oprah magazine said “An ingenious idea: Travelling with a suitcase full of good” and CBS Travel was quoted saying “it’s a great resource”.

The whole idea is that by using available space in your luggage as a traveller, you can provide needed supplies that are important to the functioning of the local community that you are visiting. It is travel with a contribution that helps a designated destination. Since 2010, Pack for a Purpose has expanded to hundreds of communities in 60 countries worldwide and participating travellers have packed 165,628 kgs of assistance to these projects. That is an astounding amount of supplies delivered to assist in essential needs, in the luggage of willing travellers.

Nambiti Plains has opted to join this initiative to help support local community projects around Nambiti Private Game Reserve to ensure that the community also has its needs met by being part of this project. It will indeed go a long way to supporting the local economy and including the community in the positive impact Nambiti continues to have on the area. We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travellers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for the projects we support in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families.

You can find Pack for a Purpose online at:

By packing supplies, you support a community that works hand in hand with the reserve, and as you unpack the supplies you make space for the memories you want to take back, for example, most of the items in the Nambiti Plains’ curio shop are locally produced. The space you can now fill in your suitcase from the items you brought for the community, can be filled with souvenirs/gifts you decide to purchase for family/ friends when you return home.