History of Nambiti Plains

Our History

Some nambiti plains history

The history of Nambiti Plains is that it was built on the site of an old farmhouse, where some of the old red brick outbuildings (over 100 years old!) still remain.

The lodge is a labour of love reflecting its owners’ dedication to conservation. The Fry family created their own piece of African paradise which they’d love to share with the world, bringing people back to nature. 

“We are the founders and current owners of the company that produces the Fry Family Food Co. range of meat alternatives. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that our whole conviction and moral standpoint has been the conservation of the planet. We also strive to raise the consciousness of millions of people we come in contact with every day through our fantastic range of plant-based meat alternatives.

In keeping with that philosophy (and in the knowledge that a cattle-free Africa will go a long way to saving our beautiful environment), we decided to further pursue this ethos by investing in an authentic game reserve venture where people can experience a true taste of Africa. 

The theme of conservation and a genuine bush experience is encouraged here at the Nambiti Plains Lodge. We live with the animals at Nambiti Plains, not separate from them like in a zoo. As such, we ask you to embrace our ethos and enjoy the special excitement of this raw bush experience while in 5-star luxury accommodation. 

Without you and your proactiveness, we could not sustain this wonderful facility. We’d like to thank all our guests for everything they bring to our part of the world. 

From our management team, staff, and from us, we want to welcome you. We hope that once you have visited us, you will return to be with our family in the bush over and over again.”

~ Wally & Debbie Fry, Nambiti Plains Founders and Owners