Healthy Lifestyle

Nambiti Plains is the heart and soul of a dream conceived by the Fry Family. A place where guests, and the family, could be close to nature and the natural realm while being a part of a larger conservation project to protect the vulnerable wildlife that naturally exists in the area.

The food ethos is very close to home as the creators of Frys Family Food. Here at Nambiti Plains, we source local fresh food, grown by local suppliers with a strong emphasis on food that is good for you, while maintaining tasty meals that make you want to come back for more. Both internationally and nationally, a great emphasis is being placed on vegan and vegetarian meals to minimise the impact on the planet, and these dishes do feature prominently. By purchasing local products, the Lodge also supports the local economy and community.

Gluten-free and dairy-free diets are catered for on a daily basis, whether this may be for health reasons or personal preference. Our Chefs are also happy to personalise meals if requested. You will be introduced to the Chef who will come out to tell you about the meal at mealtimes, so feel free to ask questions or tell us about your requests.

Purchasing ingredients sustainably is in line with the values displayed everywhere by the Lodge. Using seasonal food in meals means that food is fresh and also a very real experience of South Africa, and delivered to our guests in the meals and snacks they are provided.

Our meals are prepared with what is freshly available seasonally.  Breakfasts consist of seasonal fresh fruit, home-made muesli and yoghurt, and your choice of hot breakfast – with anything from vegan sausages and polony (meat-free) to full English breakfast and anything in between. Lunch is a lighter meal in the line of delicious salads, while dinners will be a 3-course menu taste sensation. All meals are created with the aim of tantalising your tastebuds.

The Lodge offers walking safaris for those who want to have the feel of nature around them and lungfuls of fresh air with the added excitement of being on foot in a big 5 Game Reserve. Give your mental health a boost by taking the time to sit aside a dam and see if you can entice some fish to the bank on a line. Gaze at the stars thrown like the coals of fire across the sky and contemplate life while on a night game drive. Alternatively, just relax on your deck and let the rhythm of nature calm the anxieties of life.