Helicopter flip

Taking to the skies in a helicopter ride

Nambiti Plains are able to offer their guests fixed wing or helicopter flights for transfers (get to your safari quickly and avoid traffic) or charter trips. Sky Safaris is our Company of choice for all our flights. 

In doing this, our guests can experience charter trips (either helicopter or plane landing on our airstrip).  The helicopter lands directly in front of the lodge with guests just walking in through the boma area. It includes a VIP welcome at Virginia Airport (Durban) or a walk-through arrival at KSI / ORT.

This offers our guests a unique opportunity to “fly over the battlefield regions” – giving guests an exclusive view of the battle areas as well as offering guests a chance to view these areas not accessible from the road.

Guests can also choose to fly to the majestic Drakensberg Mountains, stopping at Cathedral Peak Lodge or picnic on the mountain (or both!).

So there is no need to stress about travel arrangements, going through toll roads or being stuck in traffic. Book a flight instead with Sky Safaris.

To book your flight, contact Heather Swaisland on +27 (0)60 974 3262. For more information click here.